When developing tailor-made, customised stabilising systems, we create the right combinations out of several hundred single Ingredients. To know how ingredients react with each other to bring about the optimum synergistic effect takes a lot of specialist knowledge and experience

The decisive factor for the quality of the results is knowing the impact of the single components. But only a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s production process and the interaction of all the ingredients makes it possible to develop suitable formulations.


SineCup Cook Up Starches

SineGel Pregelatinised Starches

Sinetex Starch Based Texturizer Systems

SineSweet Intense Sweetener Mixes , Glucose and Derivatives

SineFiber Fiber Mixes

SineGum Stabiliser Systems for Conveniance Foods

Promilac Stabilaser Systems for Meat

Milactein Stabileser Systems for Dairy