About Us

Optimum was established in 2010 after 6 successful years of distribution of food Ingredients by the mother company

Having its brand new warehousing, mixing and logistic facilities at 2013 in Istanbul Optimum is now able to prepare tailor-made blends for both domestic and export markets.

Our food stabiliser systems are designed to stabilise texture and enhance the properties of our customers' products. We create tailor-made food systems to help customers bring new and exciting food products to market quickly and successfully.

We design and manufacture a wide range of customised food stabiliser systems and highly functional ingredient blends for the global food industry.

Our stabilising systems are based entirely on selected raw materials. In-house and external laboratories guarantee their quality. In order to ensure the high functionality of our compounds, all the steps in the process are precisely defined and subjected to regular controls. So our customers can be sure that the goods they have ordered meet all the relevant quality criteria

Our approach is to treat each customer project as an opportunity: a question that needs a unique, personalised solution that's also fast, flexible and reliable. That's how we help our customers grow – year after year

We develop tailored innovations in our hydrocolloid laboratory. A team of scientists and application technicians Works at the Optimum lab to develop functional systems for our customers from hundreds of individual components. They custom – develop compounds to meet the most demanding requirements regarding quality, economy and processing .